Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A bit of History

Honor Oak station was entirely timber built to serve Camberwell Cemetery and the northern end of a new villa development at Forest Hill. There was a small coal yard on the up side. The booking office was initially in a wooden building on the down side of the approach adjacent to the stationmaster's house. It was reached from the west by a subway under the line, in later years tickets were sold on


  1. I understand there's a tale extant of a ghostly figure often seen stepping off frequent Honor Oak late night trains to be noticed walking through the station fencing (avoiding swishing his Oyster card at the modern barrier) to make his way to the adjacent cemetery where other witnesses have been surprised by 'an apparition' descending into a grave at the hillside quadrant of the Camberwell New Cemetery.

  2. This story may fit the tragic demise of 'a suicide' [the first under a train in that vicinity R.I.P.] way back when Honor Oak Station was first built in Victorian times.

  3. Apologies...That was all a load of old bunkum I wrote above to scare you. But, it does seem plausible you have to agree?